12 Steps To Buying A Stockton Home Many Do Not Think About

Dated: April 27 2021

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When shopping for a home, there are many details that people often overlook. Some of these include the size and location; both can be very influential in determining how much you pay per square foot or on average if it's an expensive neighborhood. Getting to know your city is also important because different cities have their own unique qualities which may not suit everyone's needs like proximity to work, universities nearby, etc...

The process of finding the right place takes time as well so don't rush into anything!

Shopping for a home is the biggest purchase you'll ever make. It's important to be aware of all your options before choosing one because it could impact how happy and safe you are in years to come, not just now!

There is a step-by-step process to buying your first home, and it's not always easy for outsiders to know what they're doing when taking each one! Luckily, there are some real estate professionals out there giving advice from experience about how you can avoid these common pitfalls before you buy into someone else’s property nightmare.

So, here are the 12 steps to buying a Stockton home many do not think about.

1. Calculate What You Can Afford

It's easy to get swept up in the excitement of a high-demand, low inventory market with record-low interest rates. But buyers should always start by calculating and setting their budget first: what monthly payment are they comfortable carrying including all expenses? Payment shock can be overwhelming without warning. Before you enter this arduous arena, make sure that you have prepared yourself for an experience fraught with challenges and uncertainties ahead!

2. Access Grant Money Or Down Payment Assistance

When it comes to purchasing a home, most people are unaware that assistance for the down payment and closing costs is available. In fact, there are programs in every state so even if you have cash on hand or don't need any help with those expenses, grant money is still an option worth exploring. The Federal Savings Bank is a great resource for buyers in all 50 states. These programs are available to FHA and conventional homebuyers alike, even those who have the cash on hand but might want some assistance with closing costs or down payment funds.

3. Do Not Forget About Potentially Hidden Costs

New homes often come with high heating and cooling bills, so be sure to ask about these costs when you're shopping for a new home. Your agent can get copies of the seller's utility bill in order to figure out what this will cost per month or year—and how it might affect your budget. The best way that I found was getting an extended warranty on my last house. It helped put my mind at ease knowing that if anything happened, everything would fall under coverage!

When buying a new home there are hidden expenses such as heating and cooling which many people don't take into account before moving in but need to know beforehand because they could potentially increase monthly budgets greatly depending on the size of property purchased or whether energy-efficient models were used during building or upgrades to the property.

4. Develop Your Exit Strategy

What’s your exit strategy? Few people are asked this question but it can help when planning for the future. If you're thinking, "We're only here until the kids get out of school." Consider having an analysis run based on historic pricing when they do leave and then plan accordingly to list again with that data in mind or make a decision about where you might want to move next.

5. Consider Your Lifestyle Needs

For the residents of Stockton, it's not just about what your home looks like on the inside. Location is absolutely key to living comfortably in this city and many people overlook that when they're looking for a new place-even if there are other features you love about the house or neighborhood! The four walls don't matter as much as how safe your surroundings are, whether there will be anything fun nearby once you step outside those doors each day. When buying homes in Stockton make sure location isn't overlooked; take into account where everything else falls short so you can determine which properties best meet all of YOUR needs (including proximity) like walkability, safety, neighborhood amenities, or neighborhood cultural events.

6. Choose The Right Agent

The right agent can make or break you. It's important to find the perfect match with someone who has your back and understands what you and your family are looking for. You don't want to just pick any agent when it comes time for you and your family to buy a new house. It is important that the voice of an informed individual speaks up on your behalf in situations like this. And this could be anyone from real estate professionals with many years of experience or those newer into the industry but equally knowledgeable about their field. 

7. Homeowners Insurance Policy

You might be surprised to find that homeowners often forget about insurance when they purchase a home, especially if they are buying all cash. As t is not required for closing escrow so cash buyers can easily neglect it without realizing what could happen next. But even those who use financing are at risk of forgetting or not purchasing enough coverage to cover them fully in case something does go wrong later on down the line. So before you finalize your decision about insurance coverage talk to your lender and/or Realtor® first. And ask for a referral to a qualified insurance salesperson just make sure that you have everything set up properly from day one.

8. Check Building Permit History

When real estate buyers don't research the history of a property, they can find themselves in hot water. One problem many people have encountered is when permits for major renovations never quite get approved or go unnoticed by previous owners and their agents due to a lack of proper inspections before the sale. Fortunately, you can contact the local building department to find out the permit history of any building.

I have seen clients come up against this issue where past homeowners were so focused on selling that disclose unapproved pools and septic systems etc. And they did find out until long after the purchase date—and even then it was only because neighbors informed us about them being built without permitting! I always suggest my customers look into permits on anything that looks like an addition to the property or upgrades.

9. Annual Maintenance Savings Account

Why are you buying a home if not so you can enjoy it? Well, even the most beautifully decorated homes need maintenance. And because your new place will be with you for years and decades (hopefully), creating an annual maintenance account can save thousands of dollars in repairs down the road by anticipating any major problems before they happen.

One important step that many people overlook before buying their dream home is creating an annual maintenance account. Just as humans need regular check-ups throughout their lives to make sure they are healthy enough for anything life throws at them (without breaking), our homes need some love too - something which unfortunately comes with a hefty price tag depending on how well you perform the routine annual maintenance required for your home.

10. Functional Obsolescence

If you're just starting out with owning your own home, it's important to prepare for future obsolescence. By this, I mean being educated about the need to budget for the replacement and repair of various systems in your home such as heating and cooling systems or solar panels and wiring before they fail on their own. Also be aware that maintaining a property can get expensive if you have not owned one before so make sure you know what costs are associated with taking care of things around the house like roofing repairs, filling up propane tanks (if you have them), and more without overwhelming yourself too much!

11. Who Lived There Before

You don't want to find out bad news about a promising home after you've already bought it. Before buying your next house, make sure you ask the neighbors and previous owners what they know behind closed doors before moving in.

Who lived in the house before you and does it have any bad stigma? From criminals to extremists, one thing is for sure - why would you want to live there if crimes are committed or ideology that conflicts with yours exist so close by. It's a terrible thought but always remember that after buying this property, talk to neighbors about what they know of things like these. You do this during your inspection contingency period.

12. Check Out Your New Neighborhood

Be sure to explore the neighborhood on foot or bike. Get out of your car and experience what it's like living in this area by visiting different times of day, assessing how noisy streets are from traffic, or nearby commercial areas. Take a walk for an idea about whether you want to live here. Talk with some of your new neighbors to find out things that might not be noticed at first glance.

And there you have it the 12 steps to buying a Stockton home many do not think about.

If you would like to discuss any of these 12 steps further feel free to give me a call. Or schedule a 15-Minute Virtual Consultation by clicking the link below and scheduling a time on my calendar.

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